Differences between Stratocaster saddles: vintage or block saddle

Differences between Stratocaster saddles: vintage or block saddle

Stratocaster saddles are a fundamental component of the tone of your guitar, the main options are the vintage nickel bent, the block and the brass saddles among others, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the best saddle type for a Stratocaster?

There is no best option per se, it depends on what you are looking for in your instrument. Thus, if you are looking for a vintage tone, you should definitely go for the nickel bent saddles. In case you are looking for a more modern audio to play with drive, the block saddles are an excellent option. Finally, there are other alternatives such as those of brass or those of Graphtech.

Differences between Stratocaster saddles

Beyond the aesthetic differences, the audio differences are very important, affecting the character of your guitar. Although there are also differences in comfort, and many change them because they find vintage tires annoying and punctured; this change will inevitably change the tone of your instrument.

Vintage Nickel Bent Saddles for Strat

Naturally, this is the most traditional and classic. They give a brighter and richer tone in frequencies than the rest. On the other hand, vintage-style saddles tend to have less thick tone and less sustain than a block saddle. Thus, this type saddles is ideal for classic and clean tones.

Block saddles for Stratocaster

Block Saddles for Stratocaster.

These saddles are considered more comfortable due to their smoother surface. On the tonal side, they have a thicker and rounded tone. The block saddles are a great option for guitarists looking for thicker and richer in mids audio than a traditional Strat. This type of saddle is excellent for harder tones.

When to swap the saddles on your guitar?

Vintage saddles generally work best for classic styles with clean or low-drive audio, while block saddles are usually better for more modern styles that require distortion playing. However, saddles are also a great component for shaping the tone of your instrument.

What guitar is a block saddle best for?

When you have a guitar too bright and with a lack of natural compression, mids and lows, block saddles can be a great tone compensator.

For which guitar is a vintage saddle better?

When your guitar sounds dark, too rounded and dull, due to lack of high frequencies and definition, a vintage saddle can bring it back to life. With a set of vintage saddles your instrument will automatically gain shine and twang.

Tone tips: combine saddles of different types

As we have said, saddles are an important element in building the tone of your instrument. You can play around and take it from a thicker sound to a brighter one. An excellent option is to use vintage saddles on strings 1, 2 and 3, and block saddles on strings 4, 5 and 6. Of course, this is not a rule, and you can put in string 1 and 2 vintage saddles and in the 3 to 6 with block saddles, or 1 to 4 vintage ones and 5 and 6 block ones.

You can also consider other types of saddles such as those made of brass and those made of Graphtech.

Brass Block Saddles for Strat.

Lastly, there are other ways to shape your tone as guitarists, ranging from strings, pickups, bridge, to amp, loud-speaker, and more. It is important that you make all the changes in search of a goal, a plan, change for change, it tends to confuse more than to help. In Guitarriego there is an excellent note on the different parts of the guitar and their influence on the tone.

Tell us if you have tried different types of saddles and how was the experience?

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