Guitar strings notes: the names, numbers and order of each string

Guitar strings notes: the names, numbers and order of each string

Guitar strings notes, the names, the number and order of eache one, this is one of the first things that a beginner guitarist should learn, here we show you.

The guitar strings names, notes and numbers

There are several ways to call the guitar strings, one is using the notes when you play open each string. The notes for the guitar strings are: E – A – D – G – B – E, going from the thickest to the thinnest string.

Also, you can call the guitar strings by a number. Here we show you how to call the guitar strings numbers in both ways.

Guitar String Letters, Numbers and order:

  • 6th. string, thickest: E
  • 5th. string: A
  • 4th. string: D
  • 3rd. string: G
  • 2nd. string: B
  • 1st. string, thinnest: E

As you may see, the guitar strings numbers goes descending. Thus, the order of the guitar strings is in the same direction as when you are playing your guitar, above you will find the 6th -the thickest- string and down the 1st -the thinner one-.

If you find it difficult to memorize, keep reading, we will teach you more so you can learn the names of each guitar string.

When is each of the ways to identify the guitar strings used?

Guitar strings numbers

Numbering is the best way to identify a string to avoid confusion. For example, saying “play the G string on fret 2 would easily cause confusion that you are playing a G, instead of an A”. To avoid that, you use the guitar string number as follows: “play string 3 on fret 2”, which is an A in standard tuning.

Also, in tablatures and chord diagrams, guitar string numbers are often used. The string number is universal, but the letters are not. When you want something simple, it’s best to use numbers instead of the guitar string notes.

The numbering at the beginning can be a bit confusing for beginners. Initially you may think that the guitar strings numbers are the reverse of the natural position of the guitar. So, it is actually a matter of perspective, string 6 is the thickest and 1 is the thinnest, so are the numbers. Also, you can see it as the floors of a building, the lowest floor is 1 and from there it goes upwards.

Acoustic guitar string names.

Guitar String Notes

Normally, the guitar strings are named after the musical note in which they are tuned using standard tuning. Thus, the musical notes give the name to each of the guitar strings.

So now that we know the notes and numbers, the names of the guitar strings notes and numbers would look like this:

String numberMusical Note
String 6E
String 5A
String 4D
String 3G
String 2B
String 1E
Acoustic guitar headstock with the name of each guitar string according to the American cipher.

How to memorize the names of the guitar strings notes?

It may be difficult at first, but over time, you won’t even have to think about it. So, what we recommend is that at the beginning you use a memory rule. There are people who use phrases with words whose first letter or syllable is each of the notes: as initials. This technique works if you put together the phrase yourself in an original way.

Another simpler way is to know the main open chords and identify their tonic, that way, by knowing the A chord, you can quickly see that the fifth string in the open is an A, the same with E for the sixth, and the D for the fourth note, and so on.

Tell us what is your method of remembering the names of the guitar strings.

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