Fender Releases Custom ’68 Pro Reverb Silverface Amp

Fender Releases Custom ’68 Pro Reverb Silverface Amp

Fender Custom ’68 Pro Reverb, a new 40-watt amp inspired by the Silverface of the late 60’s, features a new speaker, new effects and classic sounds.

New Custom Series amp: Pro Reverb Silverface

Fender has officially released two new vintage-style tube guitar amps. Among them the ’68 Custom Pro Reverb, is the smallest of the family. Fender’s Custom line aims to revive the brand’s most coveted tones.

This new version is not a mere reissue, it has a new speaker and reverb and modified circuitry. Thus, it adapts to the modern guitarist who is looking for the iconic sounds that are heard in so many songs.

Fender ’68 Custom Pro Reverb

This new Fender ’68 Custom Pro Reverb amp recreates the audio of another iconic 40-watt Silverface model. An amp with enough power for rehearsals and small recitals with the traditional Fender tone of the late 60’s.

This revamped version of the Fender Pro Reverb maintains the key features of the original 1968 Silverface amp; but it also packs a whole new set of modern features and tonal modifications that seek to deliver traditional Fender audio to the modern guitarist.

Fender ’68 Custom Pro Reverb Features and Specifications

The Fender Pro Reverb Custom 68 comes with a 12 ″ Celestion Neo Creamback speaker. This speaker uses a lightweight neodymium magnet to achieve classic rock and roll tones. Thus, the new amplifier weighs less than 30 pounds or 13.5 kilos giving great portability to a 40 watt equipment.

The controls are volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, speed and intensity, and the brightness switch. Thus, the Fender Custom Pro Reverb in addition to offering greater power also has greater tonal possibilities.

The new Pro Reverb Custom ’68 circuit modified with a new single channel format. This new version features tube Fender reverb and tremolo grid bias. Another feature to highlight is a reduced negative feedback with the aim of greater tactile sensitivity.

As you’d expect aesthetics in line with vintage amps, this Custom ’68 version features a 1968-style silver panel with silver-turquoise cloth grille.

Price of the ’68 Custom Pro Reverb

The new version of the 40-watt Silverface series amplifier, the Pro Reverb is available for $ 1,299.

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